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Release Date: March 29th, 2002
World Premiere: February 28th, 2002, U.S. Comedy Arts Film Festival
MPAA Rating: R
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Production Company: Mad Chance Productions
Cast: Edward Norton (Sheldon Mopes, the guy in the Smoochy suit), Robin Williams (Rainbow Randolph), Danny DeVito, Harvey Fierstein, Salma Hayek, Catherine Keener (Nora), Jon Stewart, Glen Cross, Pam Ferris, Michael Rispoli, Elvis Stojko, Danny Woodburn
Cast Note: (12/10/00) Hank Azaria was originally cast to play the television executive played by Jon Stewart, but had to drop out to replace Robert Downey, Jr. in America's Sweethearts.
Director: Danny DeVito
Screenwriter: Adam Resnick
Trivia: In an early draft of the script, Smoochy was not a big rhinocerous, but a moose.
Filming: Production started on January 17th, 2001

does anyone know when death to smoochy is out on DVD, if it isn't already? how about VHS? or the soundtrack...
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