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New here.

Okay, I got the Death to Smoochy dvd last week, and now I'm sickeningly attached to it. Seriously, I watched the ending credits sequence about 100 times since I got the thing. It's a beautiful thing. So happy...

Does a soundtrack exist? I would pay so much money for it... all the special kiddie songs, Edward Norton and Robin Williams singing!, plus the cool bg music (like the making-the-costume music!)... Dude. I need the soundtrack in the worst way.
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I want a soundtrack, too! I haven't seen one, though. *pout*
O trust me there is no soundtrack, or i would have found it. I have tried to find one everywhere. On the Death to Smoochy site, on amazon on ebay and at every cd store imainable. I can't believe they didn't make one. I tried to make my own, like get the songs off the site, but they dont have all of them, or the whole songs so its just sad. I want a soundtrack sooooo badly.