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But My Stepdads Not Mean He's Just Adjusting!

Hey! I'm new to the community. This is one of my fave movies. One of my favorite parts is definitely when he does this:

"Get out of my office you fucking hippie"

"No YOU get out"

"No YOU get out!"

"NO! You dont get to tell THIS boy what to do anymore you uptight B....."

*Insert a gasp from Nora*

"I'm gonna HALT here. I'm not sure if you're familiar with HALT It's a self recognition technique. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired, that's YOU Nora and I'm not gonna get sucked into your negative energy. If you need me I'll be in my office, It's the one with the view"

"They've all got views you dumb shit"


Hahahahahaha CLASSIC!

OH! I also like when Randolph calls him and when he calls that kid in the park a nipple nibbler. This movie is the greatest. Glad to be apart of the community.
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