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!Death To Smoochy!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
!Death To Smoochy!

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[04 Jun 2008|04:08pm]


18 icons in a multi-fandom post HERE at secretlovecave!
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[20 Aug 2006|01:48pm]

Not a lot here, is there? Either way: icons!

8 Capote
8 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
12 Colin Meloy
12 Little Miss Sunshine
15 Brokeback Mountain
16 Josh Hartnett
18 Death to Smoochy (3 slash)
18 Kirsten Dunst
32 The Royal Tenenbaums

Teasers: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Follow the fake cut...)
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Hate is baggage [03 Apr 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

YAY everyone! I recently got into Edward Norton with Fight Club. Then I saw American History X, Red Dragon, Death to Smoochy, and Pimal Fear. AMX owns all the rest hands down in my opinion. But anyways, i ADORE him in Death to Smoochy because his character is so great. It is such a good film. I actually have it now so i can watch it as much as i want. My boyfriend lent it to me =P

Bye bye All!

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You cant change the world... [11 May 2004|04:43pm]

Hey everyone im new here. Death to Smoochy is my favorite movie of all time, and i successfully started a Fullerton, CA Smoochy cult. Its not really a cult but i got my friend to watch it and now shes just as crazy about it as i am and we both make everyone we know watch it and we have made a lot of new fans. Most of them dont understand why Lani and I love it so much and they think were weird because we know the whole movie by heart and we get up and dance along with Smoochy when we watch it.
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icon bases [29 Apr 2004|11:10pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hi there,

Death to Smoochy is one of my most favorite movies ever!
Ed and Robin so rock! :)

I made some icon bases the other day that I'd like to share with you.
It's Ed only but I have a few of Robin as well.


for the rest look here: SMOOCHY

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Newbie here [07 Mar 2004|08:32am]

[ mood | excited ]

"Death to Smoochy," rocks my socks. Edward Norton is so adorable: he deserves a hug. When I was watching it, I kept thinking to myself,'He played a skin head. And now he's all 'I Love Everyone!' Shows just how much talent this man has.

"We're gonna get ya off that smack oh yes we will!" (the H-Train hehe)

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[26 Feb 2004|10:59pm]

I got one of my best friends into Smoochy. ^_^

I'm spreading the love, slowly but surely!

I'm missing everyones postage!!! C'mon kids!

Does anyone have the Smoochy soundtrack? I was thinking about how good it would be...I'll have to look into that!!!

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i made a quiz.. [27 Nov 2003|03:29pm]

You are Jack... You must feel... fucked up... you are just at a weird part of your life right now.
You are Jack. You must feel pretty fucked up.

What Fight Club Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla?

hope you like it...

if you have any ideas for questions/answers that i shold add to it... let me know.

*cross posted: sorry if that bothers you*
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my stepdad's not mean he's just adjusting.... [26 Nov 2003|10:13pm]

[ mood | awake ]

...but remember kids! If he is ever abusive to you or mommy, what are the magic numbers?

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[04 Nov 2003|06:18pm]

Does anyone know the name of the song they played at the end of the movie. Where they were all figure staking? Lmfao, I heard it on the radio the other day but I couldn't figure out the name of it.
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Oh, bite me buddha! [06 Jul 2003|09:02pm]

What a totally and utterly amazing movie....

In all seriousness, to be up in my list of movies...well it takes awhile. The first time i saw this movie, I almost peed my pants with glee...hehe...

Rainbow Randolph is the most amazing character I have ever seen! Besides maybe spinner...

I'm so glad I found this community! YAYYYY! :)

I am Bridgette by the way, hello to you all! :) :) :)
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[05 Jul 2003|02:21am]

hi iasked this before but dose ne1 no were i can find some good deatht ot smoochy icons?
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here's a hand for the man we call "Stan" [05 Jul 2003|01:56am]

Hey, I have always been a huge fan of Robin Williams, and I figured that it would be a good thing to join the community! I didn't realize how nice looking Edward Norton is until this movie. If there are any suggestions for some Edward Norton movies, I would be appreciative. OH! Have y'all seen the outtakes with for the arrest scene with Robin Williams? They are fabulous!

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But My Stepdads Not Mean He's Just Adjusting! [20 Jun 2003|04:38am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey! I'm new to the community. This is one of my fave movies. One of my favorite parts is definitely when he does this:

"Get out of my office you fucking hippie"

"No YOU get out"

"No YOU get out!"

"NO! You dont get to tell THIS boy what to do anymore you uptight B....."

*Insert a gasp from Nora*

"I'm gonna HALT here. I'm not sure if you're familiar with HALT It's a self recognition technique. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired, that's YOU Nora and I'm not gonna get sucked into your negative energy. If you need me I'll be in my office, It's the one with the view"

"They've all got views you dumb shit"


Hahahahahaha CLASSIC!

OH! I also like when Randolph calls him and when he calls that kid in the park a nipple nibbler. This movie is the greatest. Glad to be apart of the community.

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[17 Apr 2003|11:06pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm Spinner.

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XD [27 Jan 2003|10:55pm]

[ mood | calm ]

New here.

Okay, I got the Death to Smoochy dvd last week, and now I'm sickeningly attached to it. Seriously, I watched the ending credits sequence about 100 times since I got the thing. It's a beautiful thing. So happy...

Does a soundtrack exist? I would pay so much money for it... all the special kiddie songs, Edward Norton and Robin Williams singing!, plus the cool bg music (like the making-the-costume music!)... Dude. I need the soundtrack in the worst way.

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Proud Owner [18 Sep 2002|06:43pm]

[ mood | good ]

I bought my DVD copy of D2S yesterday! $24.98 CDN. Anyone find it for cheaper?

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[17 Sep 2002|08:50pm]

Yay, Death To Smoochy is out today!!!

I work at Blockbuster, and I introduced everyone to it... they all love it. :)
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stuff [26 May 2002|05:54pm]

[ mood | awake ]


Release Date: March 29th, 2002
World Premiere: February 28th, 2002, U.S. Comedy Arts Film Festival
MPAA Rating: R
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Production Company: Mad Chance Productions
Cast: Edward Norton (Sheldon Mopes, the guy in the Smoochy suit), Robin Williams (Rainbow Randolph), Danny DeVito, Harvey Fierstein, Salma Hayek, Catherine Keener (Nora), Jon Stewart, Glen Cross, Pam Ferris, Michael Rispoli, Elvis Stojko, Danny Woodburn
Cast Note: (12/10/00) Hank Azaria was originally cast to play the television executive played by Jon Stewart, but had to drop out to replace Robert Downey, Jr. in America's Sweethearts.
Director: Danny DeVito
Screenwriter: Adam Resnick
Trivia: In an early draft of the script, Smoochy was not a big rhinocerous, but a moose.
Filming: Production started on January 17th, 2001

does anyone know when death to smoochy is out on DVD, if it isn't already? how about VHS? or the soundtrack...

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[24 Apr 2002|07:38pm]

Smooch heil!
Smooch heil!

D2S is the BEST movie in the world.
Well, one of them.

Hello everyone!
"I'm not going to start pointing fingers, cuz someone's gonna get poked..."
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